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The Jacob's Well Community
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Birth of a Community

Community life at Jacob's Well

The spirit which brings us together

And what about the Church?

How does one become a member of the Community?


The Jacob's Well Community was born in 1977 in the large scope of the Charismatic Renewal. It is a community which is part of the Roman Catholic Church, and as such definitively recognized as a Private Association of the Faithful by the Archbishop of Strasbourg in 1995. It is closely linked to several other Church movements, and commits itself to Christian unity.







The House of Jacob's Well at Plobsheim (Bas-Rhin) has since 1985 been a privileged place where the Community tries to give testimony to its faith through many activities conducive to human, theological and spiritual growth. This is also done through welcoming people in difficulty. A place for a "school of life" (école de vie) is now being built, it will welcome young people aged from 18 to 30 for a year.
The House of Jacob's Well




Community Centre "La Rencontre"















Situated in Strasbourg, the community centre "La Rencontre" is a place for :
*spiritual and teaching activities led by the Jacob's Well Community or by the "Soeurs de la Croix" (Sisters of the Cross)

* work and recollection sessions for Church groups (parishes, services and movements)

*meetings for socio-cultural associations and charities

*cultural activities
Entrance of the Community Centre
« La Rencontre »




















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